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Jan 25, 2020
Making Art Everyday
Portland Community Church is a great way to inspire you to draw or create art every day.

Lisa Bardot has shared a daily prompt similar to Inktober to give you ideas about what to create each day. If you plan to create for just 10 minutes a day it may start an inspiring journey that could lead to an entire life of creating. Making Art Every Day also has an online community on Instagram #makingarteveryday to share your work with friends.

In this Meetup, we'll plan to bring this to life in person. Bring your art supplies, sketchpads, or tablets and we'll create together. I'll have extra supplies if you need some.

If you like to get inspiration from others, we'll see you soon! Families welcome.

Be inspired! Knowledge Mavens

Aug 8, 2020
Art Share - Share Your Talents

Would you like to share your art with other talented artists? Join us on Zoom for an hour to collaborate on our favorite art projects. I'll start us off by sharing my favorite paintings in my sketchbook. I can give a brief history of how I learned the fundamentals including shadows, perspective, composition, construction, proportions, gestures, color theory, and anatomy.

Whatever time we have left, others are welcome to share their art projects. We'll even do a Zoom poll to vote on upcoming topic ideas.