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May 1, 2014
Startup Skook PDX
PSU Business Accelerator

Imagine being able to go from idea to prototype in 3 hours. In an easy, simple and intuitive process that anyone can do. No tech or design experience needed.

Tickets are required, get 50% off using the code 'SKOOL50'

Jose Caballer, Chief Education Officer for The Skool will be sharing The Skool OS CORE framework for rapid product definition in a hands on workshop.

You will walk away with the following:

  1. Core Product Statement: What your product does, for who it does it for, how it does it and what value it provides.

  2. Core Customer Profiles: What problem they have and what features they need to solve it.

  3. Core Features: A prioritized list of what features you should build first.

With these 3 things defined, the design of your smartphone app, SAAS platform or media startup will be a breeze.

As a bonus Jose will show real life examples of how startups here in Portland are using The Skool OS CORE to help them execute in "Hi Fidelity" and "Hi Velocitity".

This hands one worksessions can't be missed if you need a framework to take the guesswork out of your startup, help you avoid painful mistakes and disagreements between you and your team.

As a extra bonus Jose will share the Skool OS CORE workbook and 13 free videos showing a real life example of the Skool OS CORE being installed in a real company.


Mar 12, 2015
WORKSHOP – Experience Lab Usability Clinic

The Experience Lab team evaluates the usability of your website, product or prototype and recommend both quick fixes and the next best steps for development.

We address 3-4 projects per clinic, so advance evaluation reservations are recommended.

You can contact us about an upcoming session if you would like us to address your project.

Our Hatch workshops are not confidential: community members are invited to attend the discussions!

This workshop is open to the public. Please RSVP here: