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May 1, 2011
JSConf: Beer-Tasting Pirate Party
Portland Art Museum

The Beer Tasting Pirate Party

Did you really think that we would give up the pirate call? Really? Ye of little faith. Zappos is hosting the opening party for JSConf at the Portland Art Museum on the evening of Sunday May 1 starting at 8:00PM. This party is going to be insane! From wandering scallywag minstrels to epic sword fights, (oh, and beer tasting) it will be an incredibly amazing time. The Portland-native Pyrettes and Bilgerats have been called in to help us kick off JSConf in full style, grace, and artistic impression as you have come to expect. And in case you were wondering, the dream is definitely still alive in Portland! Come dressed as a Oregon Trail character, come dressed as a Pirate, it doesn't matter just be sure to be dressed for one hell of a night. If you don't come dressed, no worries Zappos has a plan for you nonetheless - and it is awesome!

      <p>Beyond the pirates (both band and JSConf attendees), there will be handful of the local microbreweries at this party providing you with samples of their fine ales. </p>
      <p>Best part of the Zappos party, its fully included with the price of your JSConf admission ticket AND you can bring your significant other as well! Unfortunately due to the nature of the event, we cannot allow children or individuals below the age of 21 into the party. If you weren't able to snatch up a JSConf ticket and happen to be in Portland that night, YOU CAN ATTEND THIS PARTY. We do require that you purchase a ticket for the party, <a href="">available here</a> for $30 USD which covers your food, drink, and raucously great time with the JSConf crew.</p>