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Dec 17, 2008
Agile Estimation and Planning
DoubleTree Hotel & Executive Meeting Center Portland - Lloyd Center

This 1-day session combines high-level insight and specific tactical thinking to address these issues and more. It will help you create plans that extend out 6 months or more, that drive reliable decision-making and on-time delivery, and that leave teams and organizations feeling supported. Topics will include agile release planning, iteration planning, and various approaches to estimation, such as unit-less points, ideal time, and the popular planning poker technique.

These classes are offered just once at this federally subsidized rate - at 10% of the regular cost. So please take advantage of this session, as it will not be available again at this price and these classes sell out quickly!

Trainer: Mitch Lacey, Agile Author & Presenter

Mitch is an agile practitioner and trainer, having managed plan-driven and agile projects for the past 12 years. He is the author of "Adventures in Promiscuous Pairing", "Transitioning to Agile: Key Lessons Learned in the Field", and "The Impacts of Poor Estimating - and How to Fix It". He has presented at the 2006 Agile Conference, the 2007 PMI Global Congress, the 2007 SQE Agile development conference, and the 2008 Agile and Better Software Conferences.

*This training opportunity is funded, in part, with Employer Workforce Training Funds administered by the Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development.

$199 for members $199 for non members

Apr 7, 2009
SAOpdx: Agile Requirements Management Course
DoubleTree Hotel & Executive Meeting Center Portland - Lloyd Center

[Full details at ] Software projects start with functionality and requirements. The clarity and quality of the requirements drive the deliverables of the project and set the expectations of customers. Managing requirements can be a challenge because we have been taught to capture all requirements up front, and achieve customer sign off. This process does not allow for change, and all software projects have change.

Enter user stories. Authoring project requirements as user stories is one of the most common approaches across any agile method. In this course, you will learn what a user story is, how to build and author them and how to manage and communicate them to users.

The course format consists of multiple lecture topics, group exercises and group discussion. Ample time will be devoted to analysis of the "real-world" industry experiences of the instructor based on case study examples and experiences managing agile projects and coaching agile project teams.

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