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Oct 11, 2011
PDX Python Monthly Meeting

tl;dr: Python Module Thunderdome, Pythonic Trivia, wear Halloween costume if you like, please RSVP:

This Tuesday at 6:30pm at Urban Airship we'll be celebrating October with the Second Annual PDX Python MODULE THUNDERDOOOOOME. We still don't really know what the rules are, but it was fun last year so we're doing it again. :)

In the Thunderdome ring so far we have: Nick Wilson, Dan Colish, Chris McDonald and Kyle Jones. Are you up for a round in the dome? Pick a module in stdlib or PyPI and bring a 5 minute Michel's Module of the Month-style presentation to the meeting. All are welcome to compete! If you want to make sure no one else is doing your module, let me know ([email protected] / @pythonchelle) what you're thinking and I'll find out.

After the module throw down, Rob Bednark has created a Python-themed trivia game for us to play!

*** New this year: The Dome is close-ish to Halloween, and some competitors have talked about dressing up like the module they're representing. Why not? Dressing up is fun, and fun things are fun. (Still not sure if a costume will affect the results.) I am going to wear my Halloween costume, which has nothing to do with Python or modules, but does include some fake blood and a couple props. I might also bring some Halloween candy. Feel free to wear a costume, bring some candy to share, or none of the above, but please do join us!

Sep 13, 2012
Portland Perl Mongers -- h2xs is da bomb + dzil Pod::Weaver
Free Geek

speaker: Ian Dees + Joshua Keroes


➜ will cover what it's like for n00bs learning how to create a new Perl module, including:

  • Where rookies look for "Getting Started" information
  • Which tools we can readily find for the job
  • What kinds of questions we have about namespaces

What Ian would like to do to help:

  • Listen to your answers
  • Format them into some kind of guide (or supplement an existing one)
  • Hand it to a Perl expert to post in the right place
  • Commit to checking in a couple of times a year to keep the information current

You will be vastly enlightened, or horrified.


➜ will continue down the Dist::Zilla path of Automated Enlightenment and speak on Pod::Weaver.

In July, Duke Leto gave Portland an introduction to Dist::Zilla, demonstrating how it can help write, package, test, and release your modules; automating the boring stuff like figuring out prerequisites, automatically inserting and updating $VERSION's, getting rid of all those meta files and generating them automatically; all good ways to focus on the important stuff: the code.

This month, Joshua will show how Pod::Weaver can help automate the boring parts of writing documentation so you can avoid getting bogged down by boilerplate and focus on the important stuff there: the docs.

As always, the meeting will be followed by social hour at the Lucky Lab.

Oct 11, 2012
Portland Perl Mongers -- Packaging & Deployment Panel
Free Geek

Application and Module Deployment Panel For this panel discussion, we will be focusing on modules, tools, and best practices used to deploy Perl applications and modules.

Panel members:

  • Anthony: Deployment with Carton, cpanminus, and some Fabric + local::lib bootstrap glue
  • Eric: Module::Build, PAR, App::FatPacker

Please share your questions, puzzles, anecdotes, and cake.

As always, the meeting will be followed by social hour at the Lucky Lab.