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Apr 15, 2019
PASCAL Hackerspace - Build2Learn: Build It, And They Will Pwn.

Welcome to PASCAL Hackerspace's newest hands-on workshop: Build2Learn!

The general idea of the Build2Learn twice-monthly sessions is to take several categories of tools, analyze their functionality, and re-implement them using your language of choice.

The goal is not to present a tutorial. The goal is to have discussion around the process of breaking the problem down into specific use cases and requirements, i.e. tasks that can be more easily implemented.

The core goal of programming is problem solving, the aim here is to facilitate and encourage this skill.

There will be a focus on performing code review and encouraging people to demo their progress to the group.

Session_0 will focus on the following:

>Help individuals set up their development environment
>Make sure that the git workflow is well understood
>Help with a language selection
Note: while there will not be any prescribed languages,we suggest
either python or javascript. This is not to deter the use of other
languages. Just to suggest that there may be more help available using
something listed above.
>Help users install git for their operating system
>Help users create a github account and setup git to use it
>Help users install language and tooling (if needed)
>Help users install text editor and discuss the merits of different options

For more information, please visit- or view the current repository directly on Github here: . The purpose of this repository is to provide a resource for documentation and source code for the Build2Learn session(s) at PASCAL Hackerspace.

For questions regarding PASCAL Hackerspace and events hosted there in general, please email [masked]. For questions regarding Build2Learn, please reach out to Randy here on Meetup! He can be found here: