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Jul 11, 2019
PDXnode - PDXNode Presentation Night
Alchemy Code Lab

Presentations begin at 6:30pm. We feature 2 awesome speakers that bring you the best that Portland (and beyond) has to offer in Node & JavaScript. Periodically we'll open with a brief lightning talk too.

Open dialogue during the presentations is very welcome–we're all here to learn!

Come a little early and say hi! The organizers will be available to help any newcomers with getting started. If you need help installing node and npm, or have questions or anything–please reach out.

Before our first talk we'll engage in a friendly Node quiz! Prizes include awesome learning materials sponsored by Cloudflare (eg. Books like "Effective JavaScript" by David Herman, and "Node.js in Action" by Harter, Cantelon, Rajlich, and Holowaychuk).

Our talks cover a variety of topics, presented by people with varying levels of experience. Some of our most recent speakers have been: Max Ogden, Substack, Chris Dickinson, Ben Acker, and more.

Afterwards, if you're stoked to keep hangin' we regularly take our discussions onward to post-talk drinks nearby! We may even hack a little if the night is young!

People who're new to programming and new friends to the Node community are very welcome! Say hi, make some noise, get to know folks, and ask questions!

Brief note about our location:

Please look for Nodesters standing by the door to let you in if it's locked! If you arrive beyond 6:35pm, please shoot us a tweet at @pdxnode, and we'll come as soon as we can to let you in. :)