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Dec 1, 2018
PASCAL Hackerspace - Tools That Pwn: A Hacker Symposium

This Saturday at PASCAL we are offering a Hacker Symposium of sorts, featuring a few handy tools of the trade as well as two major frameworks often used in developing exploits and attacking systems or networks. We will be surveying several of the tools that are part of Kali, and easy to install on any Debian derived distro. It seems many folks, sometimes even the professionals already hip deep in the field of tech, are unaware of the power their packages wield! The wild hacker kidz at PASCAL are going to show you how to get started with packaged/pre-loaded tools like Burp Suite, Binwalk, Wireshark, Kismet and will also provide you with an overview of the Metasploit and Volatility frameworks. Come take your first step with Reverse Engineering at PASCAL using Binwalk! Excuse yourself and set up a proxy with Burp Suite! Breath deep and sniff packets with Kismet! Enjoy these puns and more, in person with MrDe4d, Cylon, Wireglitch and the rest of the misfit hackers of PDX this Saturday!

We will set aside time to answer questions, and hold demonstrations of each utility discussed. This is all about what YOU want to learn!! The future workshop will be scheduled after all Q&A and demos are complete and will take place 2-4 weeks after, at which point we will continue the series until we have completed a thorough review of each tool.
Questions? please email MrDe4d--> [masked] or Cylon--> [masked]. We can also be found on the encrypted messaging app called Wire, which is available for desktop, Android and Apple devices (@mrdead or @wireglitch for invites to the PASCAL channel.)
PASCAL has snacks and drinks for some dollars and cents, though everyone is welcome to bring their own food and drink.
Final Note: if you RSVP and are no longer able to make it, please do take the time to change your RSVP so that someone else may attend, even if it is only an hour before! Thanks!