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Aug 9, 2012
pdxweb: Summer Social & Lightning Talks

It's been a crazy half year in the web world. Lots of new standards taking hold, lots of new services, tools, and methodologies have popped up. Time to kick back and wrap out collective heads around just what's been going on.

This will be a series of lightning talks - or 5 minute talks about whatever you wish to talk about. It can be anything, such as: a tool you like to use... a design philosophy... a business idea you want to pitch... a story of when you were a boy raised by wolves; whatever you feel like sharing. Just let me know, there are only 12 slots available. Email me if you want to present. Anyone who signs up and presents will get a gift (I'm not sure what yet, but something nice).

This is also a potluck, so please bring something (dessert, chips, drinks... whatever you like to eat). You can still come even if you don't present or bring anything. All are welcome as always!

We've had a couple of these in the past, and many people claim it's their favorite event. It's very low stress and fun gathering... far more open and social than our structured talks.

So, let's grill some hotdogs (and vegi-dogs), crack open some root beer, and trade some stories!