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Oct 6, 2018
PASCAL Hackerspace - 802.11x Total Domination via Warwalking
through PASCAL

Hackers of the night- unite! There are many cliches revolving around hackers and hacker culture that are, well, true. For example, we are night owls; we thrive in the night and do our best work in the dark. We use caffeine as our main source of energy and Sour Patch Kidz as our main source of nutrition. We wear black hoodies and carry backpacks full of gear as we stalk through night, avoiding the moonlight and sticking to the shadows as we totally, completely, and utterly ravage the city's WiFi!

Speaking of gear, here is a general list of items you will need to participate in this quest for[masked]x Total Domination: an Android phone (rooted or not rooted, with or without Kali installed BUT! You will probably want a rooted Android device because you will need monitor mode. You can skip the rooting and use a Raspberry Pi 3 and ssh into it with a non rooted phone via a terminal app), pretty much any Alpha radio, omni & directional antennae, and an insatiable appetite for learning.

If you do not have access to or do not have time to acquire all or some of the gear listed- do not fret. Stay calm, and warwarlk on. Actually, just let us know what you are missing or which item you would like to test out and we will do our best to provide (you can let us know via Meetup, actually, by answering the question when you RSVP..this is one of those rare instances in which the question isn't totally superfluous.)

Warwalking is similar to Wardriving except we take to the city on foot, not in a vehicle. Your hand/eye/foot coordination will be put to the ultimate test as you try not to trip and fall and result in a 9gag meme while passively collecting node and AP data. Which brings me to a very important point that you may have been wondering about...YES! IT IS LEGAL! As mentioned, warwalking and wardriving is the act of PASSIVELY collecting data, and sometimes taking note of this data (check out warchalking for lulz.)
We will meet at PASCAL Hackerspace at 11pm/2300hrs, and be headed out, on foot, at 11:30pm sharp after doing a gear check and making sure everyone is pumped! In case you are new to the Portland area, be warned that light rain is to be expected any time, anywhere and you should be sure you're wearing comfortable clothing. Also, we will not make fun of you if you decide to go full RPG-mode (Cylon has been known to dress head to toe as Aiden Pierce for no other reason than he felt like it and it is fun!) So, dust off your combat boot/trench coat ensemble and be Neo for a night! Or keep it simple with thick prescription sunglasses and work it like Whistler! Ok, I'm done alliterating...

Questions? Find us on Wire Encrypted Messaging app (it's like Slack but encrypted!) and send a connection request to MrDe4d (@mrdead) or Wireglitch (@wireglitch). You can also email us at [masked] or [masked] or [masked].