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Jan 25, 2018
PDXnode - PDXNode Hack Night!
CTRL-H Hackerspace

Welcome to the PDXNode Hack Night!

What is a PDXNode Hack Night?

PDXNode Hack Nights are your opportunity to enjoy a low-pressure JavaScript-centric environment where you shouldn't feel like you're supposed to do anything. First and foremost–just come and enjoy yourself. The night is yours: hang, hack, learn, or do whatever you’re interested in doing. 🙌

Depending on the size and interests of our attending group, we have various paths the night could go, and may or may not attempt some of the following:

Map Ctrl-H into Hackerspace Regions

The hackerspace will be mapped into 'regions', and you can feel free to gravitate towards whichever one suits your interest!

• A place for beginners who want to get going with node for the first time.
• A place for people who want to work on their own projects (eg. projects you want to do outside of work, but need to find the time).
• A place for people to just hang out and connect.
• A place for people to work on projects in groups!

'Unconference'-style Team Hacks

For team-hackers, we'll have a board up and sticky-notes available available at the beginning of the night. Anyone can feel free to write the name and/or description of something they'd like to hack on with other people–and others who're interested can feel free to go to that region and join in!

End of Night Show and Tell

There will be a list available to write your name, or team's name down on to give a quick show and tell of your projects at the end of the night. We're pumped to see what you've been working on!

Some general stuff to remember:

Help is available!

There will be seasoned Nodesters ready and available to help anyone with questions or advice in any of the hack-zones: beginners, solo, and group projects. Feel free to reach out and ask at any time throughout the evening.

Do what you want to do

Above all, we hope for this to be an easy-going event for people to do what they want to do with the time we have. Make the time awesome, it's yours. 😎

Code of Conduct

PDXNode continues to abide by its Code of Conduct, and we ask everyone to commit to keeping to it in order for all of us to have a safe, fun, and amazing time.

Wahoo! See you then! 🎉🎉 💻 🎉🎉