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Aug 3, 2017
Portland Data Science Group - Designing Intelligence

Automation is the future of computing and conversational interfaces are the future of human-computer interactions. However, creating these systems requires us to reverse engineer some of the most fundamental aspects of life, which can be difficult and overwhelming — especially if you don’t know where to start. 

 Designing Intelligence will: 
• Help the you understand what’s happening in the artificial intelligence space and where it’s been. 
• Explain why you’ll be making one of these systems sooner than you think. 
• Teach you how to create the products that will thrive in the age of automation. 
• Give you language to help you sell your ideas to your team and bring your dreams to life. This is one talk you’ll regret missing.

Guest Speaker Joe Toscano will be presenting - @realjoet.

Formerly an Experience Designer for R/GA, Joe worked as a consultant for Google, where he and his team oversaw the Google product ecosystem and helped Google take products to market. This meant he and his team had to understand how each product strategically fit within the Google ecosystem now, how each product would evolve, over time, and how the decisions being made by individual teams would affect Google’s larger business goals, as a whole. Understanding this allowed him and his team to be confident that the decisions they were making would strategically move Google’s business forward.

Joe has since left his job at R/GA to pursue writing his book, Designing Intelligence. The book is being written to help people understand the current state of automation, where it's been and where it's going, how to design products that will thrive in the age of automation, and what role we, as technical talent, play in creating an inclusive future through automation. He hopes to help create ethical automation designers who not only understand best practices of making these systems but also understand the impact they'll be making on the world, through automation.

Note the earlier-than-normal start time of 6p.