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Jan 7, 2015
PDXTech4Good: The Modern Annual Report


Annual report, impact report, shareholder report... whatever you call it, it's that time of year again. You need a report that shows how your organization made the community more just, creative, cultured, stable, or equitable this year. Join PDXTech4Good for this deep dive into the modern annual report.

First, Joleen Ong will share some "annual report inspiration," specific examples of nonprofits that have been skillful in reimagining the annual report, and improving the reader experience by making the content development engaging and fun. From one page infographics to photo contests to interactive websites, learn about some creative approaches that nonprofits are taking to ultimately share the story of their impact.

Then, join Kris Wittenberger in an exploration of the digital annual report: the what, why, and how of creating a new kind of annual report. 


Kris Wittenberger bounces between the worlds of planners, UX experts, developers, writers, designers, and marketers to choreograph digital experiences. As a digital planner and strategist, she loves solving problems and thinking through possibilities with her clients that venture into new territories. She's an unapologetic INTJ who gets along with all types. You can connect with her on Twitter @hellokrisw.

Joleen Ong is a strong advocate of the nonprofit sector's role in bringing about social change, and the power of smart communications and technology to make this happen. At NTEN, Joleen is the editor of NTEN: Change, the quarterly journal for nonprofit leaders, and helps to support NTEN's 50,000+ community members meet their mission through technology. Find her on Twitter at @joleendearest.


Networking and refreshments: 6pm-6:30pm
Presentation: 6:30pm-7:50pm
Q&A: 7:50pm-8pm


Mobility Access: This venue is wheelchair accessible.
Hearing Access: We will not have access to a PA. 
Sight Access: Presentations will use a projector.

We want everyone to be able to participate in the PDXTech4Good community and events. Please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can do to accommodate your needs.


Nonprofit staffers will find a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for those not experienced with technology, and many chances to ask questions of tech-experienced nonprofits and experts.

Techies will find opportunities to hear the real-world stories of nonprofit clients, and put their own expertise to social good — as well as the potential for lasting relationships (be they paid or volunteer) with leading organizations in our community.

Activists and community organizers will see and be given the chance to present on successful uses of technology for social change. We'll explore how technology can help support activism and where activism can push it forward.