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Jun 28, 2016
Google Development Group (GDG) PDX Meetup - All About Kotlin
eBay Community Lounge

This month we're going to discuss Kotlin! If you haven't heard of Kotlin, it's a new language created by JetBrains (the people behind the people behind Android Studio). Kotlin is 100% compatible with java and android, and can be used in existing android projects mixed with java classes. There is incredible IDE support and the language itself is very modern, borrowing many concepts from functional languages such as Scala, but being much more accessible to java developers.

We will have a presentation about Kotlin basics and I encourage you to bring laptops to play with it as we will reserve some time for group work where we all play with the language together.

If you want to participate in that portion of the meetup, please have Android Studio installed along with the Kotlin plugin.

Details of Kotlin can be found at:

As always, excellent food and drink will be provided by our generous sponsor, eBay

Apr 19, 2022
Portland Java User Group meetup

This month's topic: Code Generation on the Java VM

Code generation has become a mainstream technique for building modern Java applications. Whether you are using OpenAPI, GraphQL, or gRPC, your team can leverage code generation to speed up development and reduce defects. This presentation will discuss common code generation techniques. We’ll examine how to automatically generate Kotlin, Java, and Scala code.


Sean Sullivan is a Principal Software Engineer in Portland Oregon. He is passionate about code generators and automated delivery pipelines. Sean is a frequent speaker at the Portland Java User Group.