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Sep 12, 2013
through Quimby Lucky Lab / ISITE Design

Calling all designers, programmers and eco-warriors: this hackathon is for the birds.

RSVP to hold your spot at

Top 5 reasons to attend:

  1. Apply your skills to an important environmental challenge

  2. Meet and work with some seriously smart and creative Portlanders

  3. Showcase your talents to international marine bird scientists and the Packard Foundation, who have pioneered environmental work in sustainable seafood and beyond

  4. A monetary prize will be awarded to the winning team

  5. There'll be free food, beer and other surprises for all participants

THE PROBLEM Seabird bycatch is when birds are unintentionally captured and killed in fishing activities. Bycatch is always bad, but for endangered species with already vulnerable populations, it’s devastating. In order to address this critical environmental challenge, we need to find an ingenious way to track this bycatch. Better data collection could lead to better long-term management and protection protocols.

WHY ME? If you have design, programming, or project management chops, you can prevent the accidental death of marine birds. A monetary prize will be awarded to the winning team. Plus, there will be plenty of free food and beer.

WAIT, HOLD ON... WHAT’S A HACKATHON? A hackathon is an event where creative and tech-savvy people collaborate to build solutions for hard-to-solve problems. You’ll fit right in.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please direct your questions to packardx [at] contextpartners [dot] com.

Where can I find some more background on the issue?

Relevant background materials will be shared to the Squawkathon wiki as they become available:

Will the David and Lucile Packard Foundation provide funding to further develop concepts?

Through this Squawkathon, the Packard Foundation is interested in surfacing ideas for efficiently monitoring marine bird bycatch. The ideas that come out of the Squawkathon will be all of ours to develop further and build on. At this point in time, the Foundation is not committing resources to the development of any particular idea, but will continue to assess whether our support could have significant impact in the protection of marine birds species. A monetary prize will be awarded to the winning team.

Do I need to come to both days?

Because we have a lot to do in a short amount of time, we are asking participants to attend both the kick-off and the day of the hackathon itself.

Is there a dress code?

Very informal. Wear whatever you work best in.

Will free food and drinks be involved?

Local beer and local food. Duh. It's Portland.

Aug 20, 2014
Sass — It’s More Than Just Variables In Your CSS
ISITE Design

Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (Sass) make working with CSS really freakin’ fun. Although variables (yeah, variables in your CSS, how cool is that!) are often highlighted when talking about CSS preprocessers, Sass is so much more.

We’ll discuss, with practical examples, other major features of the language such as functions, mixins, placeholder classes and selector nesting.

Our Presenter, Taylor Dewey

Giving life to creative ideas is the motivation that has been driving Taylor to make websites since 1998. More recently he is fueled by a goal to work with passionate people to create products that people love to use.

Taylor chose to work with the web because it is a medium where creativity and technology meld and, as a virtual product, constantly evolves into something better. He works for 10up creating user experience strategy, engineering interfaces, developing, and supporting high impact, complex, and innovative content centered digital experiences. Or, in short: he creates really awesome websites that make online publishing simple.

Sep 17, 2014
Animation and the Future of UX!
ISITE Design

Since the Era of Flash, web animation has had a bad reputation: distracting, baroque, decorative, flash without substance. But with web and mobile sites adopting increasingly app-like interfaces, animation has become mission-critical to optimizing the user’s experience.

Learn the science behind “tweening” and offloading mental models to the visual cortex. Discover the secrets animation studios use to coordinate massive efforts when designing in the 4th dimension. See all seven animation techniques working together on actual web sites people use today. Rachel Nabors has traveled the world spreading the philosophy and techniques behind web animation, and she’s bringing it home to Portland.

Our Presenter, Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors is an interaction developer, award-winning cartoonist, and host of the Infinite Canvas Screencast. She deftly blends the art of traditional storytelling with digital media to “tell better stories through code” at her interaction studio, Tin Magpie. You can catch up with her at