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Dec 3, 2008
China Business Network and Software Association of Oregon: Open Source Software in China
House of Louie

Lunch presentation by Dirk Hohndel, Intel Corporation Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist. Mr. Hohndel will discuss how open source software works and the place of open source software in Chinese technology, as well as what's different and what's the same about open source in China and the West. It also will provide some insights into Intel's focus in open source and China.

    <p>Dirk is Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist in the <a href="">Open Source Technology Center</a> at Intel, which he joined in 2001.  Dirk has been an active contributor to Linux since 1991. Prior to his work at Intel, he was CTO of <a href="">SuSE Linux AG</a>, a driver of the XFree86 project, and Unix Architect at Deutsche Bank. Dirk has a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of W&uuml;rzburg, Germany.</p>
    <P><a href="">Intel</a>, the world's largest microprocessor company, is a driver of open source development to accelerate adoption and end user benefits from Intel products.  Intel's current focus includes open source projects in areas such as wireless and low-power information technology - especially for its new line of <a href="">Atom</a> microprocessors through the <a href=""></a> Linux project - virtualization, graphics, system manageability in organizations, and delivering on the promise of  high-performance parallel processing on multicore microprocessors.</P> 
    <P>In addition to the <a href="">Open Source Technology Center</a> in Hillsboro, Oregon, Intel has <a href=""> China-based open source technology centers</a> in Beijing and Shanghai as part of its <a href="">Intel China Software Center</a>.</P>

Cost:$20 members (CBN or SAO); $30 non-members; $15 students; $5 extra if late registration.