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Oct 10, 2013
The Stumpquest Games Fest
through Art Institute of Portland

The Stumpquest Games Fest is a 4-day games festival celebrating the integration of games, design, art, and technology in collaboration with independent developers. Come participate in the multifaceted medium of games through design and play! In addition to attending, registration is open for volunteers and those who want to showcase their game projects.

Events include: Twine Workshop, Board Game Prototyping, Indie Games Tournament, Indie Games Arcade, Twine Jam, Film Screening

For full details, visit the Pixel Arts Game Education listing:

Sep 5, 2014
Exhibition opening—Abraham Fagolavitz: Frenetic
Museum of Modern Life

Abraham Fagolavitz is a figment of his own imagination living in the Tualatin Mountains with a workshop full of tools, piles of recycled and raw materials, and way too much time on his hands. Like the mockingbird’s song, his work is a mish-mash of whatever he finds interesting at the moment and, more often than not, holds no meaning other than it pleased him to make it.

Feb 5, 2022
CETI Constellations: Shimmering Ecologies

CETI Constellations: Mesmerizing Light Experiences as part of the Portland Winter Light Festival About this event Shimmering Ecologies fantastic experiences shifting between imagined and real, uncanny and marvelous, generative and fragmenting.

In January, a group of artists, technologists, and hackers gathered for a weekend of collaborative creative experiments to bring mesmerizing, quirky, whimsical, and joyful interactive, immersive creations to life.

Join us on the evening of Feb 5 (4pm - 10pmish) for a thrilling show as part of the Portland Winter Light festival. Invite family and friends.

Details (on artists and works) here.

Visitors (and participants) must agree to CETI's Code of Conduct and be properly masked and fully vaccinated.

PSU and CETI will check proof of vaccination (cards) at the door.