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Dec 9, 2008
Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference
Embassy Suites Portland - Washington Square

Complimentary Technical Conference for those developing computer systems and time-critical applications for: consumer electronics, industrial control, military/aerospace, telephony, datacomm, instrumentation, embedded appliances and more. Open-door technical seminar breakouts and exhibition. Examine Technology and Industry Trends, Network, and Talk with top Experts. New products, tools: Multicore Processors Optimization, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Training, Static Code Analysis, Prototyping Real-Time Controls.

Sep 18, 2012
PLUG AT: Embedded GNU/Linux and GPL compliance
Free Geek

Portland Linux/Unix Group Advanced Topics:

Embedded GNU/Linux and GPL compliance. How not to make a mess of things by Beth Flanagan of Intel

As GNU/Linux becomes more and more common in the consumer device market, the number of GPL violations found by various compliance organizations have increased dramatically. We'll discuss how violations occur, what to do if you find yourself in violation and how the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded-Core helps you to avoid a costly GPL violation action.

Beth 'pidge' Flanagan is the maintainer of the licensing infrastructure for the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded-Core, maintainer of the yocto-autobuilder and build and release engineer for the Yocto Project. She has spoken on a wide range of topics over the years, from GPL compliance in the embedded world to open source firearms. She works full time on the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded-Core for Intel's Open Source Technologies Center.

Many will head to the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne after the meeting.

May 20, 2014
Portland Linux/Unix Group Advanced Topics: Hands-on Internet of Things
Free Geek

Who: Sean Mathews

What: Hands-on Internet of Things

Where: Free Geek, 1731 SE 10th Avenue, Portland (Left Entrance)

When: Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 at 7pm

Why: The pursuit of technology freedom

Sean Mathews will present Hands-on Internet of Things: Building the next “Internet Of Things” device using a Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone Black and simple electronics.

Sean will take us though how to prototype and build a Raspberry Pi GPIO board for as lows as $6 per board and under a month.

Learn about the Raspberry Pi GPIO header and how you can use it to talk to your card.

Sean has built assembly line automation solutions for over 20 years

Sean Mathews has over 30 years of computer hardware, software and database design and development. Sean started writing assembly language and Basic on TRS-80 and Pet computers in the late 70's at the age of 9. At 16 he started his first company writing software written in C to help developers keep track of revision history of C source code for MODCOMP computers in the mid 80's. Currently he designs embedded and cloud based solutions at NuTech Software Solutions which he founded in 1996 and sells a line of embedded alarm devices for consumers that are sold worldwide.

Many attendees will break for a social hour after the Third Tuesday meeting at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne after the meeting

See you there!

Nov 17, 2015
Portland Linux/Unix Group Advanced Topics: ARM mbed and Virtualization
Free Geek

Who: Galen Seitz, Tim Bruce and Michael Dexter
What: ARM mbed Development and a Virtualization Roundtable
Where: Free Geek, 1731 SE 10th Avenue, Portland (Left Entrance)
When: Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 7pm
Why: The pursuit of technology freedom

The mbed platform provides free software libraries, hardware designs and online tools for professional rapid prototyping of products based on ARM microcontrollers.

The platform includes a standards-based C/C++ SDK, a microcontroller HDK and supported development boards, an online compiler and online developer collaboration tools.

The illustrious embedded developer and long-time PLUG member Galen Seitz will give an overview of the mbed development environment.

Virtualization Roundtable

By request of long-time PLUG member Tim Bruce, we will segue to a Virtualization roundtable discussion in which Michael is happy to share his recent experiences with Windows on bhyve and the PROMOX KVM alternative to XenServer/ESXi.

Oct 20, 2010
Agile PDX (formerly XPDX) features: Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, "Transient State: From Funding to First Iteration for Embedded Systems"
Intel Hawthorn Farms 3 (HF3) Campus

Does everyone at your company respond to change as fast as your agile team? Or do you have critical partners who simply can't move as fast as your team? Are you required to provide detailed estimates in order to get enough resources to start uncertain and complex projects? How do you even build enough buy-in to avoid death by a thousand cuts? In this presentation, Nancy Van Schooenderwoert will explore practical, proven ways to address these questions.

Who should attend: Anyone trying to build enough buy-in for their company to give Agile methods a genuine try. Embedded systems developers and project leaders who need to envision the concrete workings of Agile practices in their domain, as a first step to making it happen.

Speaker: Nancy Van Schooenderwoert is an Agile Enterprise coach with over a decade of experience applying Agile practices as an engineer, manager, and consultant. She has led Agile change initiatives in safety-critical, highly regulated industries, and coached clients in the art of Agile technical and management leadership. Nancy's experience spans embedded software development and applications in aerospace, factory automation, medical devices, defense systems, as well as in financial services. In 1998 Nancy introduced agile techniques to embedded software, including safety- critical applications. She was among the first to publish advice on the techniques that work in real world embedded projects. She has introduced agile ideas and practices to another field where it was thought to be impossible – data warehousing and large data migrations. Coaches she mentored are now the leaders in this new field applying lean-agile principles to applications where data quality is central. Nancy Van Schooenderwoert is Principal Coach at Lean-Agile Partners Inc.

Pizza sponsored by PNSQC starts at 6:30 p.m. Program starts at 7:00 p.m.

The Hawthorne Farm MAX station stops right next to Intel. See this map for the correct location:,+hawthorne+farm,+hillsboro,+or&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=54.401733,61.523437&ie=UTF8&hq=Intel+Corporation,+hawthorne+farm,&hnear=Hillsboro,+Washington,+Oregon&t=h&ll=45.532372,-122.927656&spn=0.01189,0.01502&z=16&iwloc=A

Directions: From Cornell, head South on NE Elam Young Pkwy (near Costco). Take the first left to turn into the Intel parking lot. The HF3 campus will be directly in front of you. Parking is available on both sides of the building. Note: There are two NE Elam Young Pkwy streets that connect with Cornell. Go south on the street closest to Brookwood and Costco (between Brookwood and 51st).

Mar 16, 2016
The Future of the Connected Car
Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC

Magnus Feuer, Head System Architect at Jaguar Land Rover's Open Software Technology Center (JLR OSTC) will be leading the Erlang & Elixir Meetup tonight.

Magnus will describe how his team is building the next generation of connected vehicles and the role that Erlang plays in making that possible.

Learn more about the technology project that's driving this here:

We will also get a tour of the incubator.

Watch this space! More details to come!

About The Open Software Technology Center:

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is more than a car company. In Portland, Oregon we operate the Open Software Technology Center (OSTC), where JLR Engineers take ideas and put them into the next generation of Jaguars and Land Rovers.

A unique state-of-the-art facility, the OSTC focuses on In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI). Technology is a major driver of cars and the User Experience (UX), and the OSTC strengthens JLR’s technology focus through software development. Staffed by world-class technology innovators, connected and collaborating with the best minds worldwide, we strive to be the place where innovative consumer electronics become automotive grade.

We’re an important contributor to the Portland community, positively impacting local economic growth, bringing tech jobs to Portland and the automotive/transportation sector in Oregon. A good corporate neighbor in the Pearl District/Downtown, the OSTC supports local events and outreach programs to local education.

We also oversee the Tech Incubator, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their innovative new products and services with seed funding, space to work, and the support of JLR engineers and industry professionals.

Jun 6, 2013
Portland Linux/Unix Group General Meeting: Hacking on the Beagle Bone Black
PSU Maseeh Engineering Building

Hacking on the new Beagle Bone Black


Russell recently spent some time working on porting a house-monitoring system from the Beagle Bone (an $89 embedded, ARM-based, I/O rich device running linux to the new Beagle Bone Black, a $45 device which is faster, includes video and 2G of onboard flash. The sensors required a one-wire bus, one of which the original Beagle Bone had configured out of the box. The Beagle Bone Black had none. This talk is a description of what it took to get one-wire (specifically w1-gpio) going with his own custom "cape" (a daughter-board for the Beagle Bone).


Russell Senior has been a GNU/Linux user for over 20 years, since the 0.99plN days, using it both recreationally and professionally as a research programmer/scientific data analyst. Since 2005, Russell has become involved as a principal volunteer with the Personal Telco Project (, during which he has worked on embedded systems, primarily network routers. He contributes to the development and improvement of the OpenWrt project. In the last couple years, he has worked on monitoring systems involving Arduino and, since last year, the Beagle Bone and has learned a bit about the Angstrom distribution of linux for embedded devices.

Many will head to the Lucky Lab NW after the meeting

Feb 17, 2010
PLUG Advanced Topics: OpenEmbedded
Roots Organic Brewing [Out of business. *Sigh*]


Getting started in embedded Linux development can be intimidating. Every hardware device vendor seems to have its own embedded Linux distribution and way of developing for it. OpenEmbedded (OE) is a framework for creating highly customizable embedded Linux distributions. It provides a well-designed build system and cross-compilation environment to developers, and a robust package management system for setting up and maintaining your embedded Linux system.

Find out why OpenEmbedded is taking the embedded world by storm and improving the lives of embedded Linux developers.

Scott Garman is a Linux Software Engineer at Russound, a leader in multi-room audio systems, which allow you to enjoy music throughout your home.