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Mar 3, 2015
Change is the Only Constant

Digital marketing changes every day. eROI invites you to join us for an interactive panel discussion to explore how digital marketing will evolve in 2015.

We'll bring together brilliant local minds in digital advertising— across design, strategy, development, and analytics to discuss trends, predictions, field audience questions, and dream together the future for our industry.

Some topics covered may include: Visual Communication: More than ever, advertisers are fighting for attention, trying to communicate more content in less time. Smart, strategic design is more important than ever.

Personalization: There is a wealth of specific, relevant information online about individual consumers, yet we've barely scratched the surface on how to effectively streamline and use personalization in marketing.

Social Media + Marketing: With organic reach on Facebook all but entirely gone for advertisers, how will we put the "marketing" back in social media? What networks are poised for growth in 2015 and how can we as marketers take advantage?

eROI creates compelling, digital experiences for web, email, and social with partners like Conde Nast, the Baltimore Sun, Fred Meyer Jewelers, and Aramark to drive revenue and exceed goals.

Please direct questions to [email protected] and visit to register for this 3/3/15 event starting February 3, 2015.