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May 25, 2017
Startup PDX - STARTUP PDX - REBOOT PARTY - Kicking off a New Season!
Centrl Office

Join us as we gather to reboot our Startup PDX community!

We're taking this community from a former place of just beerhall becoming a hub for Startup Professionals and Startup Entrepreneurs to level-up...together! 

Our vision is to support the Portland Startup ecosystem, by being a place for Inspiration, Knowledge, and Networking. We're already lining up some amazing talks and meetups for the next few months.

Come to this first casual kickoff event! Learn more about the vision of this community. Get some FREE beer...and network with other Startup Professionals. Much thanks to Centrl Office for being our new community sponsor, providing our venue and beer!! RSVP soon as there's limited space for this event. 

And, in the spirit of Startup Happy Hour, we'll always be continuing the after party for people wanting to connect even deeper at 10 Barrel starting around 7:45pm.

Make sure to find me and say hello. Short blurb about me: I'm currently a co-founder of both a venture backed startup and a bootstrapped startup. I'd love to hear what you're working on! 

Also, find me if you want to get involved in helping with this community!

Pat Cheung

Jun 29, 2017
Startup PDX - Secrets to Revenue Growth Using Outbound Sales

Join us as 2 seasoned sales experts share the latest trends and tips around outbound sales strategies. Attendees will walk away with a simple, practical framework for knowing how to build your first outbound campaign, when and how to scale your team, and to outsource your outbound altogether.

If revenue is important to your'll want to check out these two talks.

As always, come network with fellow startup professionals. Free beer and bevs. Let's level-up together!


6:00pm - Drinks and Networking

7:00pm - Speakers

Alex Boyd - How to start scaling outbound sales, as a founder

Alex was Director of Sales at inDinero, a high-growth accounting SaaS startup based here in Portland. He is now the founder of RevenueZen, a Sales Development consultancy, where he develops and executes outbound sales campaigns alongside leaders at early stage technology companies. His favorite food is coffee.  

Chris Ortolano - How to qualify with confidence: Account Profiles, Buyer Personas, and Customer Outcomes. 

Chris is currently GM of Knowledge Group, a Division of Cience - a managed services company. Chris helps inside sales reps go from ramp to rockstar using knowledge management, continuous training, and execution analysis. Chris has also developed an online inside sales academy for DiscoverOrg, and served as a Conversation Systems Analyst for Chris also contributes to Outbound Engage, events focused on Growth, Sales, and Knowledge here in Portland. His favorite sales cycle is a bicycle.

Jul 27, 2017
Startup PDX - How to Get Startup Funding in Portland

Join us for a panel discussion with two of the prominent seed/angel funds in town: Portland Seed Fund and Oregon Angel Fund

In this discussion, we'll dive into the nuts and bolts of early-stage funding landscape in Portland, what exactly investors are looking for in a startup, and how to navigate through the local funding process. If you're interested in raising money for your startup...come hear this panel discussion to gain a better understanding of getting funded. 


6:30pm - Drinks and Networking

7:00pm - Panel on Early Stage Startup Funding

Jon Maroney - Partner | Oregon Angel Fund

Jim Huston - Co-Managing Director | Portland Seed Fund


Sponsor Thanks!

CENTRL Office - Best Coworking Space in Town