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Jan 29, 2015
Circle Up Networking: Ask less, Give more
Starve Ups Garage (331 NE Hancock Street, Portland)

TED talk + effective networking! Join speaker Yasmin Nguyen as he gives a TED-style talk designed to help you learn how to attract more business, inspire donors, and build avid brand champions who will share your stories over and over by “asking less and giving more.”

Following the talk, attendees will participate in circle up's effective master mind circles which are designed to create authentic business connections. Plus- paleo catering!

Grab your ticket today at:

Yasmin Nguyen is a Portland-based philanthropist, social innovator, and strategic storytelling expert who helps business and nonprofits emotionally connect with their audiences through stories, technology, and partnerships to generates sales, relationships and support. He is the founder of Vibrance Global, Supper for Stars, and Philanthropy Talk, which brings together business, community and nonprofit leaders together to share ideas, insights, and feedback to better serve our community. Bringing together over 18 years in entrepreneurship, communications strategy, online marketing and design, video production, investing, relationship building, and coaching, Yasmin shares a unique perspective that connects the dots between relevant ideas for audiences. His mission is to facilitate more giving in our lives, community and world.

Jan 28, 2016
Circle Up Networking- Speaker Keri Murphy!
Tabor Space

Early birds save $7!

Early bird ticket sales ending Dec 24th! Get your ticket today to see Keri Murphy (flying up from LA!) speak on Jan 28th, 2016. Join us to start the new year with inspiration!

Circle Up Networking- Expand your mind, expand your network, expand the Possibilities.

At Circle Up, you’ll join other passion-driven, community-minded professionals for an evening of Circle Up-Level Up talks and purpose-driven networking. Learn more:

Do you feel like you are capable of living a much greater, more inspired life than you currently are? Do you feel stuck or frustrated that you are not using your gifts in a way that fills your heart and bank account? You are not alone, in fact statistics show that only 20% of people actually make a living doing what they love and that means that 80% of us are not living an Inspired life. But the great news is…you can create any life you want and 20 16 is the perfect time to get started or re-invigorated!

Join International speaker, TV Personality and CEO of Inspired Living, Keri Murphy as she shares Failing Forward: How Challenges Can Become Your Greatest Stepping Stones. She will be sharing how she started completely over in 2009 after closing her doors to a business she loved and how she built a multi-six figure business in less that 3 years. Whether you’ve been thinking of starting your own business, want to grow the one you have, or are just looking for some good ol’ inspiration, this talk with Keri will have you buzzing with possibility.

Please contact Tiffany - [email protected] with questions.