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Apr 16, 2013
PJUG - Portland Java Users Group
New Relic

Java at Scale: What Works and What Doesn't Work Nearly So Well

Java gets used everywhere and for everything, a reality that can be explained by its efficiency, its portability, the productivity it offers developers, and the platform it provides for application frameworks and non-Java languages. But all is not perfect; developers struggle against Java's greatest strength: its memory management.

We'll talk about where Java needs help, the challenges it presents developers who need to provide reliable performance, the reasons those challenges exist, and how developers work around them. And we'll take a little time to talk about Azul Systems, its history of tackling Java scale issues and how it addresses the mismatch between Java and big data.

May 17, 2011
Portland Java User Group: What's inside a JVM?
Oracle (Downtown Campus)

This month's topic: What's inside a JVM?

Are you interested in learning what a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is and what it does for your Java applications? This presentation will provide insight into the inner workings of a Java Virtual Machine and some drill down on what compilers and garbage collectors do, so that you don't have to worry about it while programming your Java application.

In particular, you will learn about common optimizations, well established garbage collection algorithms, and what the current biggest challenge with Java scalability is today.

Speaker: Eva Andreasson

Eva has been involved with Java virtual machine technologies, SOA, Cloud, and other enterprise middleware solutions for the past 10 years. Joined the startup Appeal Virtual Solutions in 2001, as a developer of JRockit JVM, which later was acquired by BEA Systems. Eva holds two patents on Garbage Collection heuristics and algorithms, and pioneered Deterministic Garbage Collection which later became productized through JRockit Real Time.

Eva has worked closely with Sun and Intel on many technical partnerships, as well as various integration projects of JRockit Product Group, Weblogic, and Coherence (post the Oracle acquisition in 2008). Most recently Eva joined Azul Systems in 2009, as the Product Manager for the new Zing Java Platform.

Eva holds a Master of Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and a B.S with a Minor in Economics from the University of Stockholm.

PJUG meetings start with some time to eat and socialize (pizza and beverages are provided), followed by the featured speaker, then Q&A, discussion, sometimes a drawing to give away swag. :)

Though we like knowing how many people to expect, you don't have to RSVP, on Upcoming or otherwise. Go ahead and just show up!

Many people also go for a drink and further discussion following the meeting, at a location determined ad hoc (lately, Trees restaurant in the same building). (join our mailing list, linked from the website!)