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AI Tinkerers Portland Inaugural Meetup - Hacking and Making with AI technologies

Past Lives Makerspace
2808 Southeast 9th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202, US (map)

Literally through the front door and it is in the gallery space.



The goal here is to connect like-minded folks in the Portland area who are actively building a more interesting future with LLMs. We can’t let the folks in Silicon Valley have all of the fun!

Connect, Collaborate, and Create

This meetup is your chance to:

Showcase your latest AI projects: Share your work with the community during our demo session. Submit your proposal for a 5-minute presentation and inspire others with your innovative ideas.

Network with fellow tinkerers: Meet and collaborate with other active builders, AI engineers, entrepreneurs, and researchers who share your passion for building the future with AI.

MUCH MUCH MUCH more on the webiste and the main website at aitinkerers.org - It's global and it's awesome and it's time to represent Portland.

Learn from industry experts: Gain insights and inspiration from leading figures in the AI space.