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AI Portland: Human in the Loop: AI Augmentation vs. Replacement

2035 NW Front Avenue, Suite 300
Portland, Oregon 97209, United States (map)

Access Notes

The Adpearance offices are located on the 3rd floor of the building, which you can access via the elevators in the main lobby of the building



Curious about the future of AI and how it will impact humans? Join us for an engaging panel discussion exploring the concept of "Human-in-the-Loop" in AI.

We’ll explore how humans and AI can work together to achieve incredible things. But this collaboration raises important questions. Should AI always augment humans? How do we ensure humans working alongside these powerful machines maintain quality and make ethical decisions? Are there cases for full AI replacement and automation? What are the risks?

The future of work, trust in technology, and even the very nature of collaboration are all on the table. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion about AI's potential to augment or replace our capabilities, the ethical considerations of its development, and how we can build a future where humans and AI thrive together.

Our esteemed panel includes: Janet Johnson, Founder, AI Governance Group Dr. Donna Davis, PhD, Director, Strategic Communication Master's Program and Oregon Reality Lab at the University of Oregon Pedro Luraschi, Co-Founder of Hal9 Lindsay Richman, Product Manager at SightX

This meetup is perfect for anyone interested in:

The evolving landscape of AI The future of work and human-machine collaboration Ethical considerations in technology development Join us for an informative and thought-provoking evening!

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