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AI Literacy for All: Understanding Generative AI in the Workplace

1120 Southeast Madison Street
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)
Public WiFi



Over the past year, ChatGPT and the technology that powers it, Generative AI, have been making waves in our workplaces. Generative AI is already having an impact inside companies and in our jobs. In this talk, we'll make sense of generative AI in a jargon-free environment. Learn how generative AI works, what it does well, and what it doesn't do well. We'll show how it's being used in the workplace and how to experiment with it. Embrace your curiosity and get answers to your questions about AI in a lively discussion, no programming or tech background needed.

​Can't swing the ticket price? We get it - scholarships are available for those in need. Reach out to AI Portland for help.

​ About our presenter Nicolle Merrill is the founder of Boring AI, an AI literacy education company that helps teams upskill for AI in the workplace. Boring AI exists to bring voices from diverse work experiences into the discussion about AI and teach AI literacy skills to adults, no coding or math required. Nicolle has spent the last 6 years working at the intersection of AI and human-centered design. She's also the author of the book, Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots.

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