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Portland Linux/Unix Group General Monthly Meeting: 30th Anniversary Meeting

Oregon Latvian Community Center
5500 SW Dosch Road
Portland, OR 97239, USA (map)

Look for the penguin on the sign by the door.



The Portland Linux/Unix Group has been meeting since 30 years ago this month. Please join us for a celebratory gathering to recognize our continuing longevity. It isn't possible to say right now who the speaker will be, but we'll work something out. More important than who is speaking is getting together to recognize the community of helpers that we are. Whether you are an old timer, there at the beginning, or someone who just started attending recently, or someone who has never attended before, we welcome you and hope that you can join us.

Date: March 24th, 1994
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.help
Subject: Linux Users Group!!!

There is a Linux users group forming in Portland Oregon, if you are
interested, email me at: ... our first meeting date has not been set,
but will be in April sometime.
Have Fun,