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Portland Linux/Unix Group General Monthly Meeting: A Network Relay through a Cloud Instance; and Retro Linux Tape Recovery Show and Tell

Oregon Latvian Community Center
5500 SW Dosch Road
Portland, OR 97239, USA (map)



Who: Russell Senior
What: Part 1: A Network Relay via Cloud Instance ; Part 2: Retro Linux Tape Recovery Show and Telll
Where: 5500 SW Dosch Rd, Portland
When: Thursday, March 7, 2024 at 7pm
Why: The pursuit of technology freedom

The first part is going to be a description of how I relay network connections from the Internet to my low-volume home-based email server to evade potential ISP blockages.

The second part is going to be a show and tell about my resurrection of an ancient Linux version in order to recover data from Quarter Inch Cartridge tapes and ancillary topics. It will also include a short demo of my MS-DOS 5.0 environment also (resurrected from tape) the month before I installed Linux for the first time in December 1992.

About Russell:

I am a person for whom the Year of the Linux Desktop started in 1992 and has continued annually, uninterrupted. I worked for a couple decades in scientific data management and analysis. Since 2005, I have been involved with the Personal Telco Project, a volunteer-based 501c3 non-profit trying to unscrew telecommunications policy in the Portland metropolitan area. I did a short stint in data management for an Oceanographic organization when it was housed at OH&SU. I also volunteer at Portland State Aerospace Society working on their OreSat program. My name, misspelled in glorious circuit board silkscreen, has literally been in orbit for most of the last 2 years. I have done a bunch of PLUG talks over the years.

Rules and Requests:

Masks are encouraged but not required.

PLUG is open to everyone and does not tolerate abusive behavior on its mailing lists or at its meetings

Do not leave valuables in your car