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Magnet - A Different Kind Of Networking

UpStart Collective
107 SE Washington St. Unit 700
Portland, OR 97214, USA (map)

Press #2505 on the call box on the Stark St side. Elevator will take you to the 7th floor.



What if the person who could further your career was already looking for you?

What if a room full of people knew exactly the insight you sought?

What if your knowledge could be someone else’s Eureka moment?

Welcome to Magnet. Where you can let your net...work.

Some of the feedback from previous Magnet events: "Genius."


"Brilliantly devised. 10/10."

"Where has this been my whole life?"

"Best Networking Event I've ever been to!"

Here's how it works. At the event, you write down on a sheet of paper something you need help with (aka "your ask") and tape it on the wall, for example:

I need a literary agent.

I need to chat with someone who has started a technology incubator.

I need to connect with someone at GOOD Magazine.

I need to hire a web developer capable of setting up a digital sales platform.

Does anyone have any contacts in Prague?

Does anyone know a good personal trainer?

Does anyone know how I can play a round at Augusta National Golf Club?

It can be anything!

Each sheet will have a unique number associated with it: (1, 2, 3, etc). You’ll have a name tag with that same number.

Everyone’s task will be to look at the board of opportunities and select at least 3 people you’d like to connect with, in whatever capacity.

How do you connect with them? You write your name and "sheet number" on a Post-It note and slap it on their sheet.