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PDXPUG MeetUp: Django and Postgres

PDX Code Guild
407 NE 12th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232, USA (map)

Access Notes

The parking lot is behind the building on Flanders.

A parking lot is behind the building on Flanders.



Getting started with Django is a delight. However, as your application grows, that sqlite database you start with can become a limitation. We are going to look at how to wire up a new Django project to Postgres, and we will talk about some of the neat features in Postgres and Django that you can utilize including JSON, UDFs/procs, and extensions to name a few.

Hopefully you can pick a few ideas, or even share your own with the group. This talk is for all levels of experience from “I just heard about Django” to “We run production Django”, from “oh Postgres, that’s the elephant one right?” to “Ask me anything about Postgres”.

We will also have zoom link available closer to the presentation date if you want to attend remotely. Sign up on MeetUp for this notification: https://www.meetup.com/pdxpug/events/293519969/