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Data PDX April 2023: Data Storytelling, Making Dashboards Action Inducing



Data Storytelling: Making Dashboards Action Inducing

What was the last dashboard or data visual you reviewed? Did you find it answered your questions or raised more? Have you ever wondered how to make your data visualizations more effective? Our challenge as Dashboard Developers is to tell a story or lesson learned without speaking.

Dashboards are common, but communicating a message without the aid of in-person speaking remains a challenge and barrier to effectiveness. In this session, we’ll discuss methods to create a dashboard using visual aids (color, negative space, data labels, focal points, etc.) to convey a clear message without speaking.

Visualizations of data are taking over where row and column reports previously ruled as the human brain processes visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text providing an added efficiency in messaging. In this session, we will review the tips, common pit falls to avoid, and subtle steps taken to create a data visualization for optimal communication without the use of speech.