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Founder Happy Hour

Shanahan's Pub & Grill
209 W McLoughlin Blvd.
Vancouver, WA 98661, USA (map)



OK, We think Covid is in our rear view. I 'm ready to look at this great group through the windshield. Let's give a happy hour a shot in the new COVID Normal!

For the most part we want people building things to show up. Welcome creators!!!!

A few simple rules:

If you have COVID; Don't show up. If you think you have COVID; Don't show up If you have been isolated and properly distanced 98.6% of the time: Then show up and expect we will likely be non-masked and trusting you are responsible. Outside that we will grab a table on the patio (bring a jacket! It's spring in the Northwest!) come out and meet the other crazy founders and co-founders in our midst.