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BikeLoudPDX Hack Night - Transit Appliance presentation


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Join grassroots bicycle transportation advocates and open data / open government / open code folks to work on collaborative mapping and resolution of transportation safety issues. Everyone is welcome whether you have years of programming / tech experience or just a few pictures of dirty bike lanes and broken sidewalks.

This month, we'll have a presentation on this nifty data appliance and an update on other tech/data projects BikeLoud folks have been working on. Some of this will overlap with the speed camera software we looked at before, and is a good intro to the raspberry pi platform if you've been looking for an excuse to do something with one.

The Transit Appliance is an open source project which makes use of TriMet and other public web services to display transit arrivals on fixed location screens in apartment and office lobbies, cafes, schools and other community locations. The project is hosted by the non-profit Portland Transport and currently operates more than 60 screens around the region.

The project is looking for volunteers to refresh the technology stack for the project and to help find additional community locations for screens. Project leader Chris Smith will describe the technology architecture and social purpose of the project.