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Portland Linux/Unix Group: Lessons Learned from Four Years as a County Party Officer

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Portland Linux/Unix Group General Meeting Announcement

Who: Michael Smith
What: Lessons Learned from Four Years as a County Party Officer
Where: https://li584-253.members.linode.com/PLUG
When: Thursday, June 3rd, 2021 at 7pm Pacific
Why: The pursuit of technology freedom

This talk will cover lessons learned from four years serving as an Officer for the Democratic Party of Multnomah County, two as Technology Officer, two as Vice Chair. Topics covered will include team building, web presence, virtual meetings, data management, and how to get involved by showing up.

Mike Smith is a network analyst and former software engineer. His only other PLUG talk was on Open Source in State Government. Since 2017 he has been part of the Democratic Party apparatus in one form or another, including serving as an officer for the Multnomah Democrats, delegate to the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO), Chair of the DPO Gun Owners Caucus, and Delegate to the DPO Rules Committee. He holds masters degrees in Computer Science (2008, Portland State University) and Mathematics (1998, Loyola University Chicago). His wife, Liv Rainey-Smith, is a renowned woodcut print artist.

PLUG is open to everyone and does not tolerate abusive behavior on its mailing lists or at its meetings.