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Portland Linux/Unix Group: Object Pascal Development with Lazarus and Free Pascal

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Portland Linux/Unix Group Online Meeting Announcement

Who: Glenn Dufke
What: Object Pascal Development with Lazarus and Free Pascal
Where: https://li584-253.members.linode.com/PLUG
When: Thursday, May 6th, 2021 at 7pm Pacific
Why: The pursuit of technology freedom

When developing software for multiple platforms, designing a functional user interface can often be a challenge.

Often C/C++, C# or even Python is used, but an overlooked, full-fledged IDE and development tool is Lazarus / Free Pascal.

Using Object Pascal, a strongly typed, easy to read, learn and modern compiled programming language, you can quickly write advanced applications and design beautiful user interfaces with the strong component based model and form designer.

It has its inspiration from Delphi, a commercial development tool which also can target multiple platforms, though the IDE itself runs on Windows only.

The underlying Free Pascal compiler has a high degree of compatibility, which means you can share code between Delphi and Free Pascal fairly easy.

In this presentation I will touch on the versatility and benefits of using this development tool for your next open source project and how easy it is to get started.

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