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Agile Fluency® Game night

Agile Fluency Project
100 NE Farragut Street
Portland, Oregon 97211, USA (map)

Enter the building marked "Studios" and come to room 04.


Come play the Agile Fluency Game! You’ll gain new insights into the benefits and trade-offs of adopting agile practices—and you’ll have a great time doing it.

The Agile Fluency Game authentically simulates 2½ years on a software development team. It was developed so experiments in the game lead to new insights about your real-world options. As you play the game, you’ll make decisions about which agile practices to adopt. Of course, you have to deliver features, too! Or what’s the point?

This is a great experience for agile team members interested in learning more about their options; managers and leaders wanting to better understand agile development; and people who enjoy modern board games such as Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride.

“Saved us money on our agile transition effort by getting a preview in 90 minutes!” —Director, Agile Center of Excellence

“Makes the need for best practices come to life.” —Manager

“Played first game and beautifully painted ourselves into a corner through the same mistakes real teams make. How’d that happen? Powerful teaching.” —Senior Learning & Development Manager

“[Our leadership team] experienced 20 years of agile learning in 4 hours!” —Director, R & D

“The shift from playing the game gave new focus to our discussion of leadership challenges.” —VP, Product Management

Doors open at 6pm. We’ll start playing at 6:30. Be sure to arrive before then: the building is secured at 6:30 and no further entry is allowed.

To learn more about the game, visit https://www.agilefluency.org/game.php.

CORONAVIRUS NOTE: We've been asked if we still plan to hold this event given the concerns about Coronavirus. We DO plan to hold the event, with the following precautions:

  • Attendance is limited to 16 people. (First come, first served.)
  • We will not be serving food or drink or allowing food in the game room. If you bring food, we have a separate dining area where you can eat.
  • Hand sanitizer and tissues will be available. Restrooms for washing hands are right across the hall.
  • Do not attend if you're sick or have flu symptoms.