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PDXPUG: Interacting with databases as API's

Portland State Business Accelerator
2828 SW Corbett Ave.
Portland, OR 97201, us (map)

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Speaker: Alex Theodore

As a CTO I saw everything that went into and came out of the web development process, from the "client needs" to the source-controlled code. But being skilled in database development showed me time and time again that databases (and their architecture) were often sidelined treated as after-thoughts and often times served as little more than flexible storage spaces. Yet, their contents were the very essence of value for the process/client/company being served. This strange inversion of priorities led me to develop a way of looking at databases as "outside" the application and ultimately to interacting with them as API's. In my talk I'll be presenting this concept and showing with simple rules and examples how it can be done.


I was the product and technology founder of Fracture.me and CTO up until 2018 where I developed the manufacturing processes and ERP software that powered our production process. That got me deeply involved in database work, especially with architecture and process design and optimization. Now I work part time as a database consultant and part time building modern, minimalistic furniture for my new (small) company MillFinish.com.