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Oregon SQL - HiHo! HiHo! SQL Server on Linux, we go!

OHSU IT Group, 1515 SW 5th Ave, Suite 900, Portland OR 97201
1515 SW 5th Ave, Suite 900
Portland, OR 97201, USA (map)



Janis Griffin HiHo! HiHo! SQL Server on Linux, we go!

Are you being forced to the ‘Cloud’ to reduce costs? SQL Server 2017 now runs on Windows, Linux, and Docker containers.

Now SQL Server can be installed on Linux in order to provide a consistent database platform across Window and Linux servers, as well as on-premises and in the cloud. This presentation will discuss the advantages of using SQL Server on Linux, comparing architecture, cost and performance. Several demonstrations on installing and maintaining SQL Server on different Linux distributions and Docker will be shown, as well as best practice considerations for production/development environments. Also, several useful Linux commands for monitoring, managing and backing up SQL Server will be demonstrated. Finally, client connectivity and tools will be discussed – plus the new Azure Data Studio UI with the ability to add monitoring widgets will be demonstrated.