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Portland DevOps meetup

111 SW 5th Ave #2700, Portland, OR 97204
Portland, OR 97204, us (map)

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Food provided. Please RSVP!


Measuring the Right Things

We’ve moved from waking someone up if a disk passed some arbitrary threshold to only paging off-hours when the business is impacted. Our lives have improved immensely because we learned how to measure the right things. Let’s take some of the lessons we’ve learned from monitoring and alerting and see if we can apply them to how we measure the humans in our systems. From who we see and don’t see as leaders to which candidates we think have the potential to be excellent contributors, let’s look at how we’ve been measuring humans and see if we are evaluating the right things.

Tiffany Longworth is a Site Reliability Engineer at Zapproved. She loves working at the intersection of systems and humans and cares deeply about ensuring systems work for the humans in them, not on the humans in them. She likes using her background as a Marine, her training as an English teacher, is a die hard karaoke-ist, and uses cat gifs as much as possible.

DevOps: 2009 to 2019

In 2009, two Flickr engineers gave a presentation at O'Reilly's Velocity conference. The presentation is regarded as one of the seminal presentations in the DevOps movement. We will revisit Flickr’s engineering practices and discuss how DevOps has evolved over the past ten years.

Sean Sullivan is a Principal Software Engineer in Portland Oregon. He works on platform systems at Twilio. He is passionate about Scala, code generators, and automated delivery pipelines. Follow Sean on twitter: @tinyrobots