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AgilePDX User Group - Portland Metro - Downtown Pub Lunch: Psychological safety - why do we need that?

McMenamins Ringlers Pub
1332 W Burnside St
Portland, OR 97209, us (map)



Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/AgilePDX-User-Group-Portland-Metro/events/264002905/

Scrum and XP have values such as respect, communication, and openness. The Agile Manifesto highlights individuals and interactions and supporting project teams, trusting they will get the job done. Why are these values so important for effective collaboration and creation? And what keeps us from communicating openly? What stops us from suggesting an idea, a solution... it's a unique idea; it may be crazy; it may be absurd. Maybe better to not suggest it.

Amy Edmundson shows in her TedX talk that none of us come to work to look "ignorant, incomplete, intrusive, negative." Of course not - we want to connect and contribute, and make a positive impact. How can we get from choosing safe silence to choosing our voices? What can companies do to instill safety to speak up, safety to fail, and safety to express ourselves? And what can we as practitioners do, as peers and leaders in our work environments?

Please join us for this lunch discussion at the Ringlers Pub. We want to know your experience. We want to learn from each other and build our community of practice. We want a chance to discover what we have not seen and gain a new perspective.

You can find us in the back under the Crystal Ballroom, ask for the Agile PDX group and you will find us over yummy food and drinks.

Events are made possible by the AgilePDX community and our sponsors, including platinum sponsor ProFocus Technology (https://www.profocustechnology.com/). Learn more about our sponsors at https://agilepdx.org/sponsorship.

Additional Information:

Q: Is the space ADA accessible? A: Yes, McMenamins Ringlers Pub is ADA accessible. Please note, doors are manual but the staff is available to assist should you require assistance.

Q: Will there be gender neutral restrooms? A: McMenamins Ringlers Pub restrooms are designated Men and Women. There are no unisex/family/gender neutral restrooms at this location.

Q: Will there be food and drinks at this event? A: Food & Drink (including alcohol) is available to purchase, and we have table service. Standard pub fare & pub prices.

Q: What is the easiest way to get to the venue? A: Parking downtown is limited, so we recommend public transportation or a ride-share option, or another personal transportation (bicycle, etc). For public transportation options, please visit trimet website to plan your trip to Ringlers at 1332 W Burnside Street in Downtown Portland.

Q: How do I enter the building? A: We are in the side room under the Crystal Ballroom. You can use the entrance on the corner of Burnside & 14th. Let yourself in, and find us at the large table.