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GraphQLPDX - GraphQLPDX - Presentation Evening

Phase 2
514 NW 11th Ave. Ste 203
Portland, OR 97209, us (map)



Tonight we will have a presentation by Sean Grove from OneGraph. As always we will also have time to connect with others in the GraphQL community, talk about what you are tinkering with, problems you are encountering, and more. See you there.

Are you interested in giving a presentation or lightning talk on something you have been tinkering with or learned? We are always looking for more presentations. It’s a pretty low key group. Reach out to Daniel and we will make it happen.

Speaker Details

Sean's been convinced there are better ways to develop applications across the stack for years, and built time-traveling debuggers, interface builders, layout tools, and graphic design tools in his quest to explore the space. His company was the first to deploy ClojureScript's Om library to a production app in early 2014, he helped lay the architecture for CircleCI's open-source frontend app and precursorapp.com, built systems to support tens of millions of dollars in transactions, and most recently founded OneGraph, a single GraphQL endpoint for all your most important APIs.