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PASCAL Hackerspace - Defensive Security: what can blue do for you?

226 SE Madison St
226 Southeast Madison Street
Portland, OR 97214, us (map)



Come learn about the other side of the cybersecurity equation: how to raise the bar for attackers trying to pwn your endpoints. This talk series will focus on sane, sensible, and usable defaults, security through proper configuration, and small/medium scale distribution and management.


DefSec 0x05: Ansible, Part 1

Dive deep into the Dirac Sea...of security automation!

Let's talk about Ansible (the RedHat automation/configuration management tool, not the scifi FTL machine). To quote a different introductory course, "Ansible is an automation and configuration management technology used to provision, deploy, and manage compute infrastructure across cloud, virtual, and physical environments." This initial session will focus on:
- a high-level overview of what Ansible is
- how it works
- beginning to use Ansible via ad-hoc commands
- reasoning + planning about tasks -> playbooks -> roles
- how you might deploy it at scale
- and finally, as time permits: hands on with playbooks!

Part 2 of this talk (coming soon!) will focus on a practical application of Ansible, namely deploying the Ubuntu Linux CIS benchmark against multiple virtual machines for hardening purposes.

This series is brought to you by PASCAL Hackerspace, and presented by Magneto (the hacker, not the mutant. Probably.) He does security analysis and automation for profit, and systems thinking and other security-related things for fun. Uses obtuse prose. Talks fast and loud. Dreams of eliminating sleep. Protoypes the future.