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GraphQLPDX - GraphQLPDX - Converting a REST API to GraphQL

Phase 2
514 NW 11th Ave. Ste 203
Portland, OR 97209, us (map)



Hello everyone. It's time for another awesome GraphQLPDX meetup. Craig Buchanan will be giving a presentation on converting a REST API to GraphQL as well as some other related topics. For more details see the abstract below. There will also be plenty of time to talk to others about GraphQL, float questions you may have, and more.

Interested in giving a lightning talk or longer presentation about something you have been tinkering with or something you have learned about GraphQL? This is a great low key place to share knowledge amongst each other. May is wide open right now. Connect with Daniel and we will make it happen.

Topic Abstract:

From controllers to resolvers, and JSON views to schemas, this talk shows how to convert a Phoenix application (https://phoenixframework.org/) from a traditional REST API to a GraphQL API using the popular Absinthe toolkit (https://absinthe-graphql.org/). Benefits include: typesafe user input, automatically documented API, and mitigation against the dreaded N+1 query problem.