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PASCAL Hackerspace - AlgoBytes: Rust Edition!

226 SE Madison St, Ste. Hax
Portland, OR 97214, us (map)



One of the core goals of PASCAL is to provide educational opportunities to people in the information security and technical communities of Portland, and with AlgoBytes we get to do exactly that!

AlgoBytes is an informal workshop series to learn a bit more about the formal foundations of the field of computer science and about core data structures/algorithms frequently used for interviews, whether you've never explored them before or need a refresher.

This session we have a very talented guest speaker.

Talk Abstract:

Rust is a new systems programming language, designed to compete with C and C++. Rust ensures memory and thread safety, with minimal (often zero) overhead. Rust brings many modern comforts to systems programming, like dependency management and an extensive public package registry. Mozilla is rewriting portions of its Firefox web browser in Rust to improve its performance and security.

In this talk, I'll explain the key design decisions that make Rust interesting, and do some live coding to give a sense of what the language is like to work with.

Speaker Bio:

Jim Blandy has been a professional programmer for 28 years, working for the Free Software Foundation, Red Hat, and Mozilla. He has been a maintainer of GNU Emacs, GNU Guile, and the GNU Debugger (GDB), and is one of the original designers of the Subversion version control system. He is a co-author of the book Programming Rust from O'Reilly. He is a member of the Developer Tools team at Mozilla.