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PASCAL Hackerspace - Waffle 0day Jubilee

226 SE Madison St, Ste. Hax
Portland, OR 97214, us (map)



Waffle 0day is upon us!

Come celebrate the superiority of this human food in all of its square glory. Pancakes? pfft. Crepes? sac de barf. Lefse? lolwut. Waffles are the preferred and unofficial dietary supplement of hackers in the Portland area, and this day is to commemorate our life long dedication to the Square Beyond Compare (huh? what's that? some waffles are round you say? Guess what- they're still comprised of many smaller squares! Deal with it!).

Members of PASCAL will be providing waffle noms and beverages, bringing their best batter and facing off with other Titans of the Square in the March edition of Waffle 0day Jubilee!

There will also be music or a movie, games and fun/bizarre conversation centering around topics such as "Why Pancakes are the Inferior Multidimensional Array", "Why Crepes Don't Stack Up", and "Why Stack and Array Puns are on the Rise".

Be there, or be symmetrically quadrilateral.