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PASCAL Hackerspace - Going Commando!

226 SE Madison St
226 Southeast Madison Street
Portland, OR 97214, us (map)



That's right, watch some guy stand up in front of a room of people and go full commando! Whoa, don't get too excited there. I will be wearing clean...ish undergarments. By "going commando", I am referring to conducting any and all of your everyday computing tasks from the command line! Everything from being productive in an office environment to posting the twitters and streamin' the youtubes! Why, you ask? We are all hackers here aren't we? And what hacker doesn't want to look as cool in real life as we do in the movies? So come and enjoy all the typie-typie carpal tunnel goodness!

Joe Cathell (that's Ca-THELL, not cat+hell..even though Joe is something of a crazy cat man) is an infosec professional at the Washington University in St. Louis. When he's not defending our next generation of doctors from Russian hackers (true story, ask him!), he can usually be found at the Arch Reactor Hackerspace. Joe is both a founding member of Arch Reactor and serving as the current president of the board of directors. He is also a co-organizer of the monthly STL2600 and DC314 meetup, as well as a regular presenter. He likes blue raspberry Icees, building robots and competitive butter sculpting.