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AgilePDX: Using Science for Agile Improvement: A Hands-on Simulation

308 SW 2nd Ave Fifth Floor
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)
Public WiFi

Use the 2nd street entrance to the building, Puppet is located on the 5th floor.


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Scientific thinking is a life skill that forms the basis for creativity at work and the successful pursuit of seemingly unattainable goals. The Improvement Kata (IK) is a four-step scientific striving pattern that is practiced in many business organizations. It makes scientific thinking a teachable skill that anyone can learn.

This fun, high-energy, simulation uses a simple hands-on activity to step participants through the Improvement Kata pattern. Working in a 5 person team, you'll follow the Improvement Kata pattern to (1) face a challenge, (2) measure where you are, (3) establish a next goal and (4) experiment toward that goal in three-minute iterations.

Together, we'll discover new insights for improving agile practices. As an individual you'll learn a fun activity you can repeat with your own teams in under an hour. And, there may be prizes for members of the winning team!

Adam Light's Bio:

Adam Light helps leaders deliver results and improve their organizations by combining scientific thinking with lean and agile methods. He is an experienced consultant, teacher, and coach who drives systemic transformation through a focus on leadership capabilities and practical skills. Adam began his career as a software developer before becoming a manager of projects and people; he has more than 25 years of software industry experience. Since 2009 Adam has led SoTech, a consultancy providing customized improvement solutions for organizations worldwide.

Notice: This meeting may be recorded. Also, we will not hold the event during icy or snowy conditions. Cancellations will be posted on MeetUp and Calagator 3 hours before event time.