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Portland Python Pirates - Computing in Python I: Fundamentals and Procedural Programming Week 2 Review

The Tech Academy
310 Southwest 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)



This isn't so bad right? This week we will be clarifying all material pertaining to sections 1.3 and 2.1. Bring your laptops and any questions you may have. This will be a debrief on debugging. We will use the white board and some code to review this process.

In addition we will begin to think about is how to style your code. PEP 8 is a style guide which you can read about in the link below. I will do a simple walk through on how to set up your computer to automatically detect if some code you write aligns with these guidelines so you can begin writing proper code from the very beginning.

A lot of times there is parking right in front of the building. If this is not the case I recommend trying 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Ave. There are usually spots down that way. Parking isn't free until after 7pm so don't forget to pay! There is also a lot right next door if you don't want to mess with street parking.

I look forward to seeing you all for our second review session!

PEP 8 Style Guide: https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008/