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PASCAL Hackerspace - Hacking $mart Contracts

226 SE Madison St, Ste. Hax
Portland, OR 97214, us (map)



Exciting news, Pascalians! PASCAL Hackerspace will be hosting the world-renowned Dean Pierce for a presentation and workshop on hacking smart contracts!! Come learn about the basic concepts surrounding smart contracts and the latest in keeping them secure!

What to expect during a Dean Pierce presentation: knowledge, verbs, adjectives, human hand gestures, an insider look at how smart contracts are created and how they are manipulated, lulz, and if we are lucky, maybe he will shed some light on how smart contract hacks can be applied to one of PASCAL's favorite pastimes- CTFs (fingers crossed this may be included in the workshop portion.)

A bit more about Dean. Dean is an OG Portland hacker and definitely a human. When he isn't making and breaking blockchainz, he's out doing human things such as bipedal walking, eating a food and consuming oxygen.

We hope to see you there!