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AgilePDX Downtown Pub Lunch - In Groups and Out Groups

McMenamins Ringlers Pub
1332 W Burnside St.
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi



It's that time again, Portland! We continue to grow our community of practice for all things Agile. This month we have an exciting topic.

In-groups and out-groups in an organization. We tend to congregate in clusters. These clusters can be along team, department, and division lines. But they can also be along race, gender, political, religious, etcetera lines. How do we manage this clustering in order to keep everyone happy and productive in achieving the goals of the organization?

This is a timely conversation in a world that seems more starkly divided betweens blues and reds, ups and downs, lefts and rights. These differences are something that can drive us apart or even bring us together?

Join us for great food, great company, and great conversation at a great location.

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