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Quantified Self Conference

Ziba Design - Auditorium
810 NW Marshall
Portland, Oregon 97209, United States (map)

Thank you Ziba Design for the use of their beautiful auditorium!



What can you learn about yourself using your own data?

The Quantified Self conference is where DIY toolmakers, scientists, caregivers and patients, athletes, teachers, and everybody else interested in "self-knowledge through numbers" get together to share their projects and exchange what they'relearning about self-tracking tools and methods. This year we'll have a special focus on learning from our own data both inside and outside of the classroom. Tools that will be discussed include blood assays, home-built environmental monitors, and effective tools for emotional self-assessment. Want to build your own metabolism tracking device? Curious about the effect of circadian rhythms on cholesterol? Interested in genomics, microbiome, fitness, and diet? As always, we'll have two days of first person "show&tell" reports about self-tracking and learning in all these domains - and more.

The program is what we call a carefully curated unconference. We look at the projects and ideas proposed by everybody who registers, learn as much as we can, and then craft a series of talks and discussions reflecting the latest knowledge in the QS community. You can get a good look at the style of the meeting by watching some of the talks we've been posting from past conferences at http://quantifiedself.com/.

Join us! (And please don't forget to post something about your work in answer to the survey questions when you register.)